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Pipe Bursting

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Pipe Bursting

Pneumatic Pipe Bursting is a product that will assist with sewer repair after a pipe busting. It is a great system that is easy to use and many underground contractors have decided to use the Pneumatic Pipe Bursting system.

The Pneumatic Pipe Bursting is an entire system of different tools to assist underground contractors with sewer repair, replacing failing sewers, out dated sewers, under sized sewers, water, and gas lines. The mention of different tools may make the process sound difficult, but using these pneumatic tools will really help the contractors complete the sewer repair with ease.

The pipe busting method uses pneumatic tools that will save you time and money. There is no digging necessary when using the pneumatic pipe bursting method. The only hole that you will need is an entry hole and an exit hole. These holes will only need to be big enough to have the pipe bursting tool push through the sewer needing to be replaced.

As the pneumatic pipe bursting tool is forced into the old sewer it is cracking the old pipe and pushing it aside. The pipe busting tool cracks and pushes aside the old sewer as it pulls in the right grade and sized piping for the new sewer. This process makes it very easy for the contractor and will make the customer or the city pleased that the sewer repair took a lot less time than it used to take.

Many home owners, who were unlucky enough to have to call for sewer repair, might be pleased to learn about this new pipe bursting method. Before the invention to the pneumatic tools their lawns would be destroyed in the effort to maintain or replace the sewer pipes in the ground. They would then have to spend the remaining part of the summer and into the fall trying to grow back the lawn that was destroyed in the efforts.

Using the pneumatic pipe bursting method the home owner, business owner, and state/county is able to save a lot of money and time without water. If there is a burst sewer line the water to the home or business will be shut off until the sewer repair can be completed. Also the time it takes to complete sewer repair is cut down by almost half, which is why the cost of this method is a lot less then if the contractors had to complete the sewer repair the traditionally.

Pipe Bursting

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