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Water Heater Installation

Agent Rooter Plumbing installed a state-of-the-art water heater for a family in Santa Monica. The installation included removing the old unit, upgrading the connections, and ensuring optimal performance. The family was thrilled with the improved efficiency and reliability of their new water heater, thanks to our skilled team and attention to detail.

On 5/15/2024 in Santa Monica

Commercial Bathroom Renovation

Our expert plumbers at Agent Rooter Plumbing successfully completed a comprehensive bathroom renovation for a local business. The project included installing new fixtures, upgrading the plumbing system, and ensuring compliance with commercial standards. The business owner appreciated our professionalism and the minimal disruption to their operations during the renovation process.

On 5/1/2024 in Glendale

Emergency Pipe Repair

Agent Rooter Plumbing swiftly addressed a major pipe burst in a residential home, preventing extensive water damage. Our team arrived within the hour, replaced the damaged section, and ensured the plumbing system was back to full functionality. The homeowner praised our quick response and efficient service, highlighting our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.

On 4/19/2024 in Burbank

High-Efficiency Toilet Installation

A North Hollywood boutique hotel sought to modernize its facilities with eco-friendly plumbing. Agent Rooter Plumbing installed high-efficiency toilets across the property, enhancing guest experience while significantly reducing water usage. This upgrade demonstrated our dedication to innovative solutions and environmental stewardship.

On 3/28/2024 in North Hollywood

Whole-Home Water Filtration

A health-conscious family in Van Nuys chose to improve their home's water quality. Our plumbers implemented a comprehensive water filtration system, ensuring every tap dispensed pure, clean water. This project highlighted our commitment to enhancing living standards through superior plumbing solutions.

On 3/14/2024 in Van Nuys

Advanced Hydro Jetting Service

Advanced Hydro Jetting Service

A popular Sherman Oaks restaurant faced recurring drain blockages until Agent Rooter Plumbing intervened with our hydro jetting technology. This powerful, eco-friendly solution cleared years of buildup, ensuring the restaurant's operations ran smoothly. Our service underscored the importance of preventative maintenance and our role in the community's commercial success.

On 3/2/2024 in Sherman Oaks

Pipe Relining

Facing extensive root damage in a historic Pasadena residence, our team utilized cutting-edge pipe relining technology. This non-invasive method rejuvenated the property's plumbing system without the need for disruptive excavations, preserving the home's integrity and the homeowner's convenience, all within a single day's work.

On 3/1/2024 in Pasadena

Sewer Line Inspection and Repair

Agent Rooter Plumbing conducted a comprehensive sewer line inspection for a commercial building in Burbank, where persistent sewer backups had been causing disruptions to business operations. Using state-of-the-art video inspection equipment, our technicians identified a damaged section of the sewer line caused by tree root intrusion. We promptly performed trenchless sewer repair, minimizing disruption to the property and restoring proper sewage flow to the building.

On 2/12/2024 in Burbank

Water Heater Installation

A homeowner in North Hollywood contacted Agent Rooter Plumbing to upgrade their leaking water heater. Our team assessed the property's hot water needs and recommended the installation of a new, energy-efficient tankless water heater. Homeowner was delighted with the improved energy efficiency and reliability of their new water heating system.

On 2/11/2024 in North Hollywood

Emergency Drain Cleaning for a Residential Property

Agent Rooter Plumbing responded to an emergency call from a homeowner in Sherman Oaks whose kitchen drain had become completely clogged, causing water backup and potential damage to the property. Our experienced plumbers quickly arrived on the scene with the necessary equipment and expertise to clear the blockage efficiently. Using advanced drain cleaning techniques, including hydro-jetting, we restored proper flow to the drain and ensured the homeowner's peace of mind.

On 2/3/2024 in Sherman Oaks

Expert Sewer Replacement

Expert Sewer Replacement

Agent Rooter Plumbing successfully replaced a sewer line in the bustling city of Los Angeles, ensuring efficient wastewater management for the property. Agent Rooter Plumbing specializes in expert sewer replacement services in Los Angeles. With our advanced techniques and quality materials, we ensure efficient and long-lasting solutions to your sewer line issues

On 1/31/2024 in Los Angeles

Advanced Pipe Bursting Services

Count on Agent Rooter Plumbing for advanced pipe bursting services in Los Angeles. Our innovative techniques allow for non-invasive pipe replacement, minimizing disruption to your property

On 12/18/2023 in Burbank

Tankless Water Heater Installation

Agent Rooter Plumbing installed a tankless water heater in a home in the beautiful San Fernando Valley, providing endless hot water and energy savings for the residents.

On 11/8/2023 in Glendale

Emergency Drain Cleaning & Repairs

Responding to an emergency call in San Fernando, Agent Rooter Plumbing cleared a clogged drain, restoring functionality and peace of mind for the property owner. Facing a drain emergency? Contact Agent Rooter Plumbing for 24/7 emergency drain cleaning and repairs in Los Angeles. Our prompt response and effective solutions ensure your drains are back to optimal performance.

On 9/3/2023 in San Fernando

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