What Your Soggy Yard Is Telling You

Why Is My Yard Soggy

You’ve just reached home from work and are exhausted. There seems to be so much to do—you need to prepare dinner, make sure your kids do their schoolwork, and maybe you even have a few additional jobs around the house. But as soon as you go through the door…

You can’t go much more since your yard is flooded.

You could assume that this is only a minor inconvenience—how difficult might it be to get rid of a small amount of water? Right? No, not exactly. If your yard is frequently flooded, it’s important to explore remedies before things get out of hand.

In this article, we’ll discuss what those puddles are trying to tell you and how to fix a soggy yard with the help of the best plumber in Burbank.

Let’s take a look.

Find the Source of a Soggy Yard

You know what they say: when it rains, it pours.

But this does not imply that you should simply let the rain fall on your grass and watch it wilt. If your yard is flooded, there’s a problem somewhere—and we’ll help you figure out where it is!

Here are some steps you may take to determine the cause of your flooded yard:

1. Check your sprinkler system

If it’s on and watering the lawn, make sure it’s set up correctly and not leaking. If it is leaking, adjust the nozzle until the water flow is consistent throughout the day.

2. Check your irrigation system for leaks

Turning off all of your sprinklers and standing on your lawn in several different locations to see if there are any areas where water remains pooled (or doesn’t drain quickly enough). If you find a spot like this, turn off some of the heads surrounding it so that water doesn’t pool in one location. You can also add an additional head or two in these areas to help distribute water more evenly between them.

3. Water table

First, check your water table. If the water table is set too low (especially if there’s been a lot of rain lately), then it won’t drain properly. To fix this problem, consider raising your water table or installing a drainage system.

4. Drainage issues

If your yard isn’t draining properly due to clogged pipes or bad drainage, then this could be the source of your issues. To fix this problem, hire a professional to find out what’s wrong with your drainage system and opt for repiping a house for future prevention!

5. Standing water

If there’s standing water in one area of your yard, then this could be causing problems with the rest of your lawn. You’ll need to move some soil around or add extra dirt so that the standing water drains properly and doesn’t cause problems with other parts of your lawn!

6. Consider the weather

If it rains heavily during certain parts of the year, but not others, that could indicate a problem with how your property drains water away from its foundation and into storm drains or nearby streams.

7. Check for cracks in your foundation

Cracks in foundations can cause water to pool inside walls and lead to mold growth as well as structural damage over time if left unchecked.

8. Test your soil

Testing your yard’s soil is the easiest approach to figuring out what’s wrong with it. You may do this yourself with a basic kit or pay someone else to do it for you—either way, be sure you know what sort of soil you have before proceeding with any further procedures.

9. Check for drainage issues

If your soil tests show that there are drainage issues in your yard, then it’s time to go digging! Digging down several inches should allow you to see if there are any areas where water has been pooling or sitting for too long. If this is the case, then you need to focus on this area to solve the problem.

6 Things Your Soggy Yard is Trying To Tell You (Signs of an Impending Yard Leak)

While a soggy yard is easy to identify, some other signs might not be easy to understand.

Your yard is a lot like a teenager.

It’s trying to communicate with you—and it’s probably doing so in the form of soggy spots or possibly even an actual leak. But what does your yard have to say? We’ve got the six most common signs that your yard is trying to tell you something!

Poor drainage

If your yard is constantly soggy and wet, there might be problems with how much water it’s getting rid of. This could mean that there’s a leak in your pipes or sprinkler system or possibly even an issue with the way water flows through the soil itself.

Leaking pipes

Even if you don’t see any standing water on top of the ground, there could be a leak somewhere else in your home that’s causing problems with the drainage in your yard. If you see water coming up from beneath concrete slabs or pavers, this could be a sign of an issue with underground repiping Burbank that needs to be addressed immediately!

Foul odors

If your yard smells like sewage or rotten eggs, you may have an underground leak that’s causing bacteria to grow in the dirt around your plumbing pipes. The smell could also be coming from a gutter or downspout that’s clogged with debris, allowing water to pool under your house instead of draining away naturally.

Dying vegetation 

If your grass is turning brown and yellow, it could be because of low water pressure due to a leaky pipe. Hire a professional Burbank plumber to help you with a repiping solution.

Cracking or shifting foundation

If you see cracks in the cement or bricks surrounding where the foundation meets the ground (or even just around the area where the foundation meets the wall), this could mean that there’s been some damage done by water seeping into it over time—and it needs to be addressed before any further damage occurs!

Water pooling on the ground

If you see puddles of water in places where there isn’t typically standing water, it could mean a leak somewhere nearby.

When to Call A Burbank Plumber

Beloved Burbank neighbors, you may have noticed a few things lately:

  • Your yard is growing soggy, and you don’t know why.
  • You’re looking at your bill, and it’s higher than usual.
  • You’ve got a strange smell coming from your pipes.

If any of this sounds familiar, then it’s time to call Agent Rooter! We are here to help you with all your soggy yard solutions, big and small.

In addition to regular maintenance, it’s important to have your sewer pipes inspected regularly. The best way to keep your pipes in good condition is by having them inspected every year or two by a professional plumber like Agent Rooter. If you do find that there is a problem with your sewer system, you can hire the right plumber who will be able to diagnose the issue and fix it quickly.

Agent Rooter is the leading plumbing service provider in Burbank. Our Burbank plumbing team is made up of highly trained professionals who are dedicated to delivering exceptional results every time we work with you. Whether you’ve got a minor leak or a major problem, our technicians are here to help.

We can help you with your broken sewer pipe issues and everything else that comes with it. We offer 24/7 emergency service for your convenience as well as free estimates for all the work we do on your property, including: 

  • Leaky Faucets 
  • Sagging Basement Floors 
  • Broken Toilets 
  • Clogged Drains
  • Sewer repair
  • And many more

We’ve been in business for over 20 years, and we’ve got a reputation to uphold. We know that when you need plumbing services in Burbank done right, we’re the ones to call. 

So don’t hesitate: to pick up the phone and give us a call today!

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