New Toilet Installation Or Repair The Old?

There are two sorts of individuals in the bathroom: those who prefer to install new toilets and those who like to replace them. This post is for you if you fall into the latter type.

If you have an old toilet that has been in use for a long, it may be time to replace it. Toilets are now built with more modern technology, making them easier to install and maintain. They also come in a number of shapes and colors to match your bathroom decor, allowing them to blend in seamlessly.

If you’re new to the world of toilet installation or repair, you might want to explore fixing rather than replacing your present toilet. You may save money while still getting rid of any issues that may be bothering your outdated fixture.

In this post, we’ll go over some items to think about before determining whether to remodel or replace your toilet.

Signs You Need to Repair an Old Toilet

If you’ve got an old toilet, it might be time to repair it. Here are some signs you need to look for:

Sign #1: Flush Trouble

If you have to use the plunger more than once to get rid of waste, it’s time to replace your old toilet. The problem could be an obstruction in the pipes, or maybe the chain is too short—either way, it’s best to call a plumber before things get worse. 

If you can’t afford one, try searching for DIY guides or toilet repair kit online!

Sign #2: Standing Water Around the Base of Your Toilet

If water is frequently standing at the base of your toilet bowl, it might indicate that something has been lodged in the drain pipe or that there is a blockage somewhere else in your plumbing system. 

It’s best to call a Burbank plumber if this happens because it could lead to serious issues like mold growth and flooding if left untreated.

Sign #3:  Your Toilet Is Constantly Running

If your toilet is always running, it’s probably because there’s something wrong with the flapper chain. The flapper chain is a small piece of plastic that connects the tank to the bowl. It helps keep water from pouring onto your floor by keeping it inside the tank until you flush. 

If this piece breaks or becomes damaged in any way, it can cause problems with your toilet’s functionality and cause it to run constantly.

Sign #4: The Tank or Bowl Doesn’t Refill With Water

If your toilet seems like it never refills with water after you flush, there may be an issue with its fill valve. The fill valve is responsible for keeping water inside the tank while it’s not being used and then adding more when needed. 

If this part fails entirely or becomes damaged in any way, it won’t work properly and will cause your toilet to lose water between uses.

Sign #5: Rust on the Metal Parts of the Toilet

Rust is one of the most common signs that it’s time to repair your toilet. 

Rust on any of the metal pieces, such as bolts or handles, might indicate that your toilet is leaking water. If this occurs, you must call a plumber to come out and repair the problem before it does further damage to your property.

Sign #6: Handle Is Loose or Stuck

Another sign that it’s time for repairs is a loose or stuck handle. This can be a sign that there is some sort of problem with your toilet seat or lid, which means they will need some attention from a professional Burbank toilet repair plumber as well!

Signs You Need to Replace an old toilet

Now that you know some signs when your toilet needs to be repaired, let’s find out some things that indicate it’s time to install a new toilet or replace your old toilet.

Sign #1: Consistently Clogging

If your toilet is constantly clogged, it could mean that it’s simply old and worn out. Old toilets often develop cracks and other issues that make them less effective at flushing everything down the drain. 

If this happens regularly, you’ll likely want to consider replacing the toilet instead of repairing it.

Sign #2: Increased Water Bill

Another reason you may need to replace an old toilet is its water use. If you’ve seen a substantial increase in your water bill in the last few months or years, it might be because your toilet isn’t functioning as effectively as it used to. 

When this occurs, some individuals choose to replace their toilet rather than fix it because they do not want to pay extra money on their water bill each month.

Sign #3: Old Age

If it’s over 15 years old, then some damage is probably being done internally, which will lead to higher water bills or even worse problems such as clogs or leaks!

Sign #4: Your Toilet Seat is Loose or Cracked

The toilet seat is another sign that your toilet may be ready for replacement. If it moves when you sit on it, or if there are any cracks (even minor ones), it implies that the pieces within are breaking down and will need to be replaced as well.

Sign #5: It starts making weird noises.

You know that sound, right? The one that makes you feel like someone is trying to break into your home? That’s not good! And while it could just be a part that needs replacing or some other simple fix, it could also mean there’s something wrong with the toilet itself.

Toilet Repair vs. Toilet Installation Cost: Comparison 

If you’re thinking about replacing or repairing your toilet, you may have heard that repairing is cheaper than replacing it. But is it really? Here are some ways to compare the two options so that you can make an informed decision.

How much is a toilet repair?

Toilet repair costs vary by location and the severity of the damage. You should expect to pay between $50-$150 for repair parts and equipment. However, if there’s extensive damage or your toilet is old, you may end up spending more than that. 

Your best bet is to call several Burbank plumbers and ask how much they charge for toilet repair. You can also search online for toilet flange repair local plumbers and see what kind of customer reviews they get.

How much is a toilet installation?

The cost of installing a toilet varies substantially based on where you reside, the type of toilet desired, and whether you hire a professional toilet installation company or do it yourself. 

In most regions of the United States, the typical cost of installing a new toilet is $250-$300. But, if you hire an expert plumber to install your new toilet, you should budget between $400 and $600 for labor alone. 

However, with expert plumbers like Agent Rooter, you also get regular maintenance and other top-notch services.

What factors influence the cost of a toilet repair?

The cost of a toilet repair is influenced by several factors, including:

1.  The type of toilet that needs to be fixed or replaced

2.  The extent of the damage (if the toilet is cracked)

3.  The type of materials used in the construction of your toilet

4.  Whether you need to hire a plumber to perform the repair job

What factors influence the cost of a toilet installation?

Toilet installation in Burbank costs might vary greatly based on your home’s demands and the quality of the materials you select. These are five things that might affect the cost of toilet installation:

1. The type of toilet you want to install

2. The size of your bathroom or another area where you want to install it

3. Whether you hire a professional contractor or do it yourself

4. Where do you buy your new toilet from (online, in-store)

5. The level of customization you desire for your toilet (color, shape)

Final Verdict

A toilet repair is a quick, easy fix to a problem. It usually involves fixing or replacing parts of your toilet, like the flapper valve or the fill valve. You can repair toilets by yourself with a little expertise, a toilet flange repair kit, and the necessary tools, but hiring a professional plumber will save you money and time.

Toilet installation is more difficult than repair, but it is doable by an experienced do-it-yourselfer. You’ll need to remove your old toilet and replace it with a new one. If you’re not comfortable with that type of task, then it’s best to hire experienced toilet installation plumbers.

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