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Sewer Line

How to Know When Sewer Lines Are Clogged

Sewer lines are the unsung heroes that make our lives possible. They’re the ones who keep our toilets running and our sinks from overflowing.  Sewer lines also take out garbage from your home and put it in a septic tank or sewage treatment facility. This procedure, however, cannot take place if your pipes are clogged.

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water heater

Here’s What To Do With Water Heater Leaks

Oh, water heaters. They’re the bane of our existence and probably one of your least favorite household appliances too. It provides steady hot water for showers, dishwashing, and laundry, so it’s no wonder that it’s frequently forgotten until something goes wrong. It’s just there in the corner of your basement, quietly doing its job. But

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New Toilet Installation Or Repair The Old?

There are two sorts of individuals in the bathroom: those who prefer to install new toilets and those who like to replace them. This post is for you if you fall into the latter type. If you have an old toilet that has been in use for a long, it may be time to replace

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5 Things Your Plumbers Don’t Tell You About Hot Water Tank Repair

Hot water tanks are integral to comfortable and hygienic homes. They help with everything from washing dishes and laundry to washing yourself. For some buildings, hot water tanks also regulate heat in the home. At Agent Rooter Plumbing, we know our fair share about water tanks. We work with customers in the Burbank area, and

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Effective Sink Rust Removal

The rust in your sink is a big, ugly mess. But it doesn’t have to be. We’re here to tell you how to get rid of it once and for all—and keep it from coming back! We’ve all been there: you’re standing at the sink, scrubbing away at some stubborn rust stains, when suddenly you

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Garbage Disposal

Telltale Of Smelly Garbage Disposals

It’s a trashy world out there. People used to put their garbage out on the curb and pray it would be picked up. They’d then return later to see if it had been collected. But now that we have garbage disposals, we can toss everything down them and let them do all the job! Garbage

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Save Money With Tankless Water Heater

With the increasing cost of electricity, many individuals are seeking ways to optimize the energy efficiency of their houses. Installing a tankless water heater or energy-efficient water heater is one of the best ways to do this. Tankless water heaters don’t store hot water like traditional tank-type models. Instead, they use electricity or gas to

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Why Is My Yard Soggy

What Your Soggy Yard Is Telling You

You’ve just reached home from work and are exhausted. There seems to be so much to do—you need to prepare dinner, make sure your kids do their schoolwork, and maybe you even have a few additional jobs around the house. But as soon as you go through the door… You can’t go much more since your

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do trees break sewer lines

Tree Roots in Sewer Line Solutions

We all know just how essential trees are to ecology. They are beautiful, magnificent, and essential to the health of the environment. They provide shade, oxygen, and sometimes fruit. Yet, did you know that they may also clog your sewer line? Tree roots may destroy pipes, causing flooding, sewer backups, and sewage spills. We have

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Water Heater

Easy Ways To Turn Off Your Water Heater

Have you ever wished to turn off your water heater? We’ve all had bad experiences with water heaters. They’re large, heavy, and costly to replace; they take up significant space in your house and can be difficult to clean. Perhaps you just want to save some money. Maybe it’s the coldest day of the year,

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